Hi, my name is Sheena Smith and I am the proud owner of Sheena's Mane & Glory Hair Butter. My journey of formulating natural hair products began after becoming frustrated from experiencing many setbacks in my natural hair journey. Due to stress related breakage, high tension hairstyles, and chemical-filled products the condition of my hair was in bad shape. One day, I decided to create a product line that could be used by anyone dealing with Damage, Alopecia, and Dryness. Thus, Sheena's Mane & Glory Hair Butter was created.


While in my kitchen, I was able to create hair products using nothing but clean, and natural ingredients. Sheena's Mane & Glory Hair Butter provided instant results to both me and my daughters hair, that left our hair looking and feeling healthier. I knew it was a great product when people started approaching me to inquire what I was using on our hair. In that moment that I realized, I had created something beneficial.

I feel that God has given me a renewed purpose, to be able to help anyone with damaged hair. Being able to provide hope to someone who thought they could never have healthy hair again is my passion, and mission.